Thursday, May 11, 2017

Master of Divinity

I graduated seminary this week. My Masters of Divinity culminated in three courses my senior year: Theological Short Stories, Capstone, and God. Here are peeks at all three finals.

Theological Short Stories:
If one followed Jesus, it would totally mess up their routines and offer no guarantee of safety. Is it better to be alive and in bondage than free but in peril?

This radical theological lens is the one I look through after wrestling with tradition, experience, and scripture. This is not to say I accept traditional theological interpretations without critical engagement, but rather insist on the courage required to claim personal theological truths as humanity builds our relationship with God.

By enmeshing God with you, and all the rest of creation, dear reader, the result may seem unfavorable because it fuses God with the less desirable and even cruel aspects of the world. While this is true, I maintain only an ambiguous God can be deemed critically plausible, as well as empirically and metaphorically greatest in scale - and thus worthy of worship. 


  1. What an honor its been to watch your theology unfold. I love being your colleague!!! Best wishes, Andrea

    1. Thanks Andrea! It was wonderful to share so many classes this last year and get to know you as well. I look forward to continued theological dialogues in the future <3


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